Dicky Bollocks

Dicky Bollocks

Monday, 29 February 2016


Greetings all.

Over the coming days and weeks I shall be compiling a list of all the things Dicky Bollocks and the Essex Loon got wrong in their recent straight to video production. Incidentally, I'm sure you would wish me to commiserate with them for the unfathomable fact that they were overlooked again at the Oscars, and I shall gladly do so, once I stop laughing.

To this end, please do feel free to contribute anything you feel deserves a mention. Leave me a comment, adding **not for publication** if that's your preference, and I'll make sure it's included if it's valid, which, let's face it, it will be.

*This is not an invitation to Baldy to send me 20 pages of wankfest about the perspiration on Gerry's forehead.


  1. OMG you're a glutton for punishment.

    Well done for tackling what can only be a mammoth task.

  2. I know :(
    I started last week, but what with breaking off to shout "Lying fecker" and "Gobshite!" every couple of minutes, and fighting the sleepiness induced by his voice, which is roughly the equivalent of a large syringe full of ketamine, it was slow progress.
    Still, we'll get there, hopefully before the tin-hatted twatdangle brings out the next one.

  3. Dear Mr NT
    If you experience any writers block or just have problems joining up words properly (e.g., where to put the possesives and adjunctives in their best positions in between nouns and those verbs and their proper pesky tenses, etc) feel free to get in touch. I also understand symbols and stuff and lots of tific-type acronymns.

    I can provide practical support for but a mere pittance.

    Everyone has at least one half-decent blog entry in them and I'm sure I can help you achieve this dream.

    You can email me in due course but sadly skype is not possible as its possible you would photograph me and broadcast my true identity - and I'm an awful coward :o)

    1. It's very kind of you, but I think the answer will have to be "get a proper job, you lazy bastard"


  4. I think it's a fair offer, nothing worse than fluffing a subjunctive....


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